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Donbass Equicentre invites citizens and guests of the city to visit 5th international show jumping tournament Donbass Tour 2013 CSI5*, which will be held on 7 and 8 of September.
Donbass Tour
Since 2009 Donbass Equicentre has held a series of international tournaments in Donbass Tour show jumping. Debut tournament consisted of four stages and the final, which, in its turn, was a stage of the World Cup in show jumping. In 2010 in the framework of Donbass Tour, for the first time in Ukraine, tournament was held in the level of four-stars, and in 2011 Grand Prix of this tournament was the qualification for the Olympic Games 2012 in London. In 2012, for the first time in Ukraine, was held the international five stars equestrian show in show jumping (CSI 5*-W).

The best riders of the world gathered in Donetsk immediately after the Olympic Games in London to show their skills and compete for the Grand Prix of Donbass Tour. The tournament was attended by athletes from 16 countries - from Australia and Hong Kong to the UK and Norway. For Donbass Equicentre 2013 will be of great importance and one of the most significant year. This year Donbass Tour will celebrate 5 years of its existence and will have the jubilee with five stars tournament, where the total amount of prize money is 1 000 000 Euro.
Show jumping
Show jumping is a sporting event, in which the couple of the horse and rider is tested on the route, consisting of several obstacles. In the course of the competition the participants are required to display horse`s freedom, its energy, athletic skills, speed quality and obedience when overcoming the obstacles. For rider is especially important to show his of managing the horse.
Show program
Every year the prize fund of the competition is growing, as well as the number of participants and spectators of this colorful event. In 2012 guests had the opportunity not only enjoy the tournament of the highest level «five stars» (world Cup), but also to observe unforgettable performance of world famous star Lorenzo and his 12 white Lusitano horses. On its fifth anniversary organizers of Donbass Tour will not leave spectators and lovers of equestrian art without exciting surprise.
Spend a wonderful holiday in the picturesque forest at Donbass Equicentre!
Tournament Program of Donbass Tour 2013 CSI 5*
Prize money: € 1 000 000
Saturday, September 7
12:00 Competition 1. on time
Height: 145 cm.
Prize money: 90 000
14:30 Competition 2. With a jump off
Height: 155 cm.
Prize money: 260 000
Sunday, September 8
12:00 Competition 3. With a jump off
Height: 150 cm.
Prize money: 150 000
15:00 Competition 4. GRAND PRIX With a jump-off
Height: 160 cm.
Prize money: 500 000
* President of Ground Jury: Harry Braspenning (Netherlands). Chief-Steward: Jan Posluszny (Poland). Course-designer: Louis Koninckx (Germany)
Free entrance

Free entrance on 7th and 8th of September. Parking for 1000 places.The café will be working in the spectator viewing area.

Hat Competition
All the attendees of Donbass Tour 2012 are invited to take part in the Hat Competition. Elegant and charming ladies in the original headdresses will be awarded with the tickets to the Riders Party.
An interesting game, in which you will try yourself as a professional rider at jumping tournament.
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free WI-FI.
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