Attention! It is prohibited to:

  • drink
    Enter the territory of Donbass Equicentre being drunk and drug-affected.
  • smoke
    Smoke (except for the special smoking areas).
  • fire
    Start a fire, bonfires or to launch firecrackers.
  • stone
    Throw any objects on tribunes, competition ground, at the audience, riders and horses.
  • megaphone
    To propaganda which could cause social, racial, national or religious hatred.
  • control
    Enter the competition arena, judges’ and secretariat’s workrooms, VIP-lounges and other special premises of the complex.
  • bench
    Stand on the benches, climb the fences, parapets, supporting constructions.
  • animal
    Bring animals to Donbass Equicentre which weigh more than 7 kg.
  • destroy
    Damage the centre’s, sportsmen’, officials’ and visitors’ property.

The following things are prohibited to bring to the territory of the complex:

  • Alcohol, drugs and other stimulants;
  • Weapons and ammunition;
  • Piercing and cutting objects;
  • Smoke pellets and another pyrotechnics;
  • Colorants;
  • Inflammable, highly inflammable, explosive, poisonous, asphyxiating and acidly smelling substances;
  • Radioactive materials;
  • Gas spray cans of neuroparalytic and lachrymation action;
  • Laser devises;
  • Objects that can be used as weapons;
  • Objects that can be used as missiles;
  • Pipes, megaphones and other similar objects;
  • Any poles of flags and banners, cloth of banners.

For the noncompliant behaviour in the Donbass Equicentre the visitors can be asked to leave the event without the right of return, and in cases of the illegal acts they can be prosecuted in accordance with the Ukrainian legislation.

Fri, 25 Aug 2017 13:50:51 +0300