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Bronze of Olga Gerasimenko

Olga Gerasimenko

One of the leading dressage sportswomen of Donbass Equicentreв Olga Gerasimenko won bronze of Senior Equestrians Ukrainian Championship.

The national dressage championship for sportsmen at the age of 18 and older took place in Kyiv on the 4th - 7th of August. The team of Donbass Equicentre not only participated in significant equestrian event of Ukraine, but also showed the worthy result. The representative of Donetsk club the international master of sports Olga Gerasimentko four times took place on a victory podium. The equestrienne brought one silver and three bronze medals from Kyiv and according to the results of all days of competition she became the bronze medallist of Ukrainian Championship.

Looking ahead, it is necessary to point out that equestrian sport competition was held out of doors in conditions of fiendish heat which within these days settled in Ukraine. A stem of a thermometer achieved up to 40 degrees centigrade in the shade. Of course such ruthless weather conditions had an impact on equestrians as well as on horses.

The sportswoman of Donetsk club took two of her fair friends at this Championship: ten years Forvater of Ukrainian roadster breed and his age mate of Westphalian breed Paul Hen.

On the first day of competition on the 5th of August Olga in pair with Paul Hen took the third place in Small prize (65,05%), and with the second horse Forvater в“ the forth place in Middle prize (61,842%). Next day both of friends of a sportswoman showed the synchronous results. Paul Hen took the 4th place in Middle prize (63,737%), and Forvater took the analogous position in Grand prize - Grand Prix (61,149%). This day Forvater had also to perform in team competition under Olga saddle where Donetsk pair won silver. The Ukrainian championship finished by traditional faerie show KГјr. In KГјr according to the program of Middle prize Paul Hen was the sixth (62,750%) and Forvater took the 3rd place in KГјr under the program of Grand Prix (64,320%).

"I am satisfied with my horses. Fedya (Forvater) as well as Pasha (Paul Hen) are great attaboys. In such heat they demonstrated real sports character and good results. Forvater performed a wee bit better as he has over 5 year of intensive performances under his belt. However in this competition he debuted in Grand Prix and took the third place at once.

Pasha is a real fine fellow and he made a concentrated effort. This horse has been taking on the serous level only for 2 years and already demonstrates stable scheme execution, precise and flexible movements", Olga Gerasimenko told to our site.

Final bronze medal allowed the representative of вDonbass Equicentreв to join a national dressage team of Ukraine. At the present moment Olga is training for autumnal stage of Dressage World Cup where the equestrienne plans to won positions in the world rating.


  • 03.09.2012
    Donbass Equicentre hosted the first CSI5*-W tournament in Ukraine. 34 riders from 16 countries were fighting for the Grand Prix of Donbass Tour 2012. William Funnell, a 46 year old British rider (RR 31), with his Billy Congo became the winners of the Grand Prix. Max Kuhner (RR 92) finished in runner-up spot and Edwina Tops-Alexander (RR 11) took the third place. It was the first time that 17 year old representative of Donbass Equicentre Alisa Danilova competed among the true legends of show jumping. Together with La Bomba they put in a good performance in the total ranking of the tournament. Alisa Danilova is currently being trained by Piet Raijmakers, Dutch Olympic champion of 1992. The jury was headed by Caezar Von Walzel, while the course-designer of the show was Frank Rothenberger. Jan Tops, Global Champions Tour president, was among the honoured guests of the tournament.
  • 11.04.2012
    Donbass Equicentre rider Alisa Danilova was taking part in Sunshine Tour CSI3* held in Spain from February 21st till March 25th. At this tournament she showed her best results with an 11 year old stallion Riesling Du Monselet, namely, the 8th place out of 89 at the course 1.50m with jump-off (0 penatlies, 43.97sec) and the 9th place out of 100 at 1.50m against the clock (0 penalties,75.86 sec). Besides, one of the best performances was with Travano Z at Small Grand Prix 1.40m with jump-off where she was the 9th out of 95 (0 penalties, 41.19 sec).
  • 17.03.2011
    Till August 1st Donbass Equicentre holds competitions for artists, sculptors and other creative people.
  • 24.12.2010
    In connection with the termination of the contract rider and trainer Katharina Offel will no longer constitute Donbass Equicentre.
  • 07.11.2010
    On October 22 24 the equestrienne of «Donbass Equicentre» team performed in the tournament of CSI*4 category which was carried out in Cayenne, France.
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