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Results of Katharina Offel in the International tournaments CSI*4, CSI*5 in Europe

On October 22 24 the equestrienne of Donbass Equicentre team performed in the tournament of CSI*4 category which was carried out in Cayenne, France.

Katharina performed on two horses Vesuvius and Uno. In Two phases course with a height of obstacles 1,45 m Katharina and Vesuvius took the 12th place among 42 equestrians.In the course Against the clock with a height of obstacles 1,45 m Uno brought the 14th place to the equestrienne.

Official tournament site: : http://www.jumpingcaen.com/

On November 4 7 there was held the tournament of CSI*5 category in Verona, Italy. Katharina Offel also performed on two horses in this tournament Vesuvius and La Bomb.

Katharina and La Bomb won the 9th medal place in the course with a height of obstacles 1,50 m, overcoming complex distance without falls and penalty points with the result of 40, 64 seconds.

Official tournament site: http://www.jumpingverona.it/

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