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Katharina Offel and La Bomb at World Equestrian Games in Kentucky

On October 8, 2010 the World Equestrian Games, the main international equestrian sport tournament, were finished in the USA. Ukraine delegated three its equestrians to Kentucky, one of which is Katarina Offel - the representative of Donbass Equicentre team.

The sixth World Equestrian Games were held in the USA for the first time outside of Europe. Over 800 sportsmen from 60 countries of the world took part in the competitions. The status of this tournament is very high, and its awards are higher appreciated than the Olympic ones in equestrian sport. The program of competitions included the World championships in such categories of equestrian sport as a show jumping, dressage, distance tests, triathlon, equestrian voltage, combined driving, reining and also paralympic equestrian games. The Ukrainian sportsmen took part in a single and most prestigious kind of the program –show jumping. Skilled professionals of equestrian sport Kassio Rivetti, Björn Nagel performed on behalf of our country as well as Katarina Offel, the leading equestrienne of Donbass Euicentre equestrian centre.

After stunning success of the last World games in 2006 where the national jumping team of Ukraine got the 4th place, the demanded requirements to our team were exclusive. Furthermore Ukraine could delegate only three riders in Kentucky while four sportsmen are required for full team complement. The task for the Ukrainian national team was uneasy – to show worthy result and to justify expectations laid on them in the pared staff.

The first day of competitions turned out to be not too successful for Katharina. In the course At a speed the equestrienne and her horse La Bomb overcame the first 9 obstacles clear, but on last obstacles system the horse rubbed through long-range travel to the USA got into a fuss and refused to jump.

However next two days of competitions on routes Without considering time. Two rounds Katharina and La Bomb performed clearly, without any fall, completely rehabilitated after annoying incident of the first day.

According to the coach of the Ukrainian national team Phillip Gerd, success in equestrian sport equally depends upon both the sportsman and a horse. Long flight to the USA became serious test for La Bomb as this horse is subject to claustrophobia. The result is an annoying error. «Just no joy might happen...» – as trainer concluded.

In the general team result the national team of Ukraine this time won the 16th place, the worthy result for reduced line-up. The team of Germany became the world champion. After tournament Katharina Offel mentioned that she is glad because of victory of a German national team and is very happy that she could overcome two most complicated courses at the World Equestrian Games without falls.

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